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"Before my experience with the Athlete Project I had little to no gym experience, I wanted a coach so that I could feel confident and comfortable with different exercises and to help me prepare for the physical demands I would be facing in Toronto. In addition, I had a fear of short sprints and physical testing due to a recent injury that I needed to overcome. My mom did some research and set me up with Travis and the Athlete project. I absolutely loved it. Not only am I over my fear of fitness tests but I was the third best on my CIS team in the sprinting/endurance test that I had to do my second day in Toronto. The workouts were always different and fun so I was always excited to train and I could feel myself getting stronger each week. It's clear during training that Travis has reliable reasons for the things he gives his athletes because he was always able to answer my questions about the scientific benefits for what he had me doing. Fuel is an awesome space. I was extremely happy with my experience and I plan to continue training with them next summer."

-Rayn Perry, University of Toronto Women's Volleyball


"The LVC Junior Kodak 18u boys volleyball team has very specialized training needs.  Our athletes have a range of experience. Some have had several years of sport-specific training and personal trainers; others had very little training experience. 


The Athlete Project at Fuel gym was able to provide our team with a cutting edge training program to not only maximize their physical performance but also improve their movement patterns and reaction time. The coaches at The Athlete Project educated our players about how to move well and catered specific exercises to link their training with the unique demands of our sport. As a coach, I was impressed by how this program set high expectations and brought our players together as a team. The Athlete Project has been a great fit with our team's mission to maximize athletes' development  and prepare them for the demands of collegiate sport in the future." 

-Blake Wheeler, LVC Jr. Kodiaks Head Coach

"The Athlete Project has improved my functional strength, mobility and athletic health. I've made leaps with the project and plan on staying with it for a long time."

-Liam Hyland, St. Francis Xavier University Football

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